St图片. 约瑟夫教堂
St. 伯奇曼斯大厅的约瑟夫教堂

感谢你对校园事工的兴趣.  The 校园部办公室 exists to deepen the spiritual life of the community, as well as promote a compassionate and critical response to the social challenges of our world.  校园部 creates a space for all without regard for race, 宗教, 性取向, 或者性别认同. 本着我们创始人的精神,圣. 约瑟夫, we “strive to unite neighbor with neighbor, neighbor with God, without distinction.”  Whether you practice a particular faith, or no faith at all, you are welcome 在这里.  我们在这里支持你的旅程.

校园部 at 榆树大学 offers a variety of programs that center on a deep concern for all and focus on development of the whole person in relation to God, 自我, 和其他人.

We offer opportunities designed to engage both heart and mind, 成为神呼召我们成为的人, 通过服务发现我们正在成为什么样的人, 灵性, 社区建设. 我们提供信仰形成的经验, 心灵探索, 文化意识, educational experiences that are reflective of the 榆树大学 mission. We empower 学生 to integrate the mission and core values of the college as they create community, 倡导正义, become involved in service to the “dear neighbor” and respond to the needs of the day. In short, we journey with each other, transforming into better versions of ourselves.

校园部 has many programs offered throughout the year: 神的拿铁咖啡, 汤与物质跨宗教午餐; 校园事工俱乐部, Bible study/meditation group, community service opportunities, Founders’ Day and St. 圣约瑟夫节的庆祝活动. 约瑟夫.


想找个安静的地方静下心来? 而我们的教堂在秋季学期关闭, members of the college community are welcome to visit the chapel from the balcony on the 4th 安静沉思的地板. 其他反射区域包括 宗教间反思室, 倒影池, 玛丽雕像, 9/11纪念十字.

St. 约瑟夫教堂

St. 约瑟夫教堂, dedicated to our founders, the Sisters of St. 约瑟夫, is the heartbeat of the college campus and is located on the third floor of Berchmans Hall. The chapel is open each day from 8:30am – 8:30pm for private reflection. Weekend Mass is offered each Saturday at 5:45pm Community Mass is offered each Wednesday during the academic year at 12:15pm.


跨宗教祈祷室, 位于图书馆的下层, 为祈祷和反思提供了一个安静的空间.


The reflecting pond was created in memory of a generous alumnae benefactor. The statue of Mary was relocated from the athletic field w在这里 she watched over many a game throughout the years. This area provides a quiet space to listen to the trickle of water, 来观察色彩的爆发, to sit and contemplate for a few minutes out of your busy day.



在榆树学院的前草坪上, 张开双臂面向世界, 是圣母像吗. Mary welcomes all and reminds us of our Catholic identity welcoming a diverse population committed to a holistic, 全球教育.


The 9/11 cross was established in 2002 in remembrance of those who died in the events of September 11, 2001. The steel beams are duplicates of those used to build the Twin Towers. We gather each year to recall and reflect on the violence and terror that happened on 9/11 to pray for peace in our broken world.


The 校园部办公室 promotes spiritual well-being and growth by offering student retreat opportunities as a time away for reflection and renewal. All 学生 of all backgrounds are welcome to participate.


The celebration of Mass is at the heart of our Catholic identity. 我们团结在一起,庆祝我们的信仰. 礼拜仪式使我们的心灵和思想向上帝升华. 被圣言强化和启发, 并在圣餐中接受耶稣, we are sent forth to “love and serve the dear neighbor.” The 礼拜仪式 actively reminds us that “as we pray, so we believe, so we live.”  Weekend Mass is offered on Saturday evening at 5:45pm Community Mass is offered each Wednesday at 12:15pm during the academic year.

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation may be scheduled by appointment by contacting Father 马克年代telzer at stelzerm@coolsaver.net.


The 汤与物质 series takes place twice per semester at a lunchtime meeting during which 榆树大学 staff, 学生, faculty are invited to share their spiritual journeys with their peers. 本系列, 校园部组织, has become a popular forum w在这里 the topics of faith and 灵性 can be discussed in a safe, 支持性和接纳性环境.


神的拿铁咖啡 is a student-led program welcoming conversation on faith and life.  每学期举办两次, members of the 榆树大学 Community share their personal narratives and invite 学生 to reflect on their own life journeys. 活动在咖啡厅区以休闲的方式举行, 校园咖啡屋设置, 配有音乐, 琐事, 免费的t恤, 奖, 从我们的演讲者那里得到灵感!


The 校园事工俱乐部 meets throughout the year to plan events, 参与社区服务, 赞助食物和供应活动, 与校园伙伴合作, 并鼓励所有人回应我们的“亲爱的邻居”.欲了解更多信息或加入本俱乐部,请联系 艾琳·柯克


来加入我们的唱诗班吧,为了音乐和友谊! We meet once a week for rehearsal with our choir director. 唱诗班 members perform at special liturgies during the year, 在神的拿铁咖啡活动上, 在圣诞树的灯光下, 还有年终合唱. 我们很高兴见到你! For further information, please contact 校园部 at campusministry@coolsaver.net



在大学校园里安排你的婚礼, the bride and/or groom must be a member or alumna/nus of the 榆树大学 community. To receive complete information on preparation and requirements for the sacrament of marriage at 榆树大学, 请联系马克年代telzer神父 stelzerm@coolsaver.net.


Each year, the 榆树大学 community celebrates our founding community, the Sisters of St. 约瑟夫.  In the fall and spring, we gather for mass and lunch with local Sisters of St. 约瑟夫.  Students and faculty/staff meet with local Sisters of St. 约瑟夫喜欢活泼的谈话和友谊.